Writing from Acona Italy

Post date: Jun 28, 2009 9:18:31 AM

Hi Sweet Family,

I posted a comment on Daddy's post so go there for information.  Judy and I are having a great time on the cruise...it is awesome--but I can't help but wishing constantly

that Daddy was here with me.  I guess this just means I have the pleasure to go on another cruise when Daddy is home. 

It is Sunday here....a busy day for all of us....I hope sweet baby Tanner gets to come home...Jonathan and Erika,  I hope you have a wonderful fun filled celebration party.  Please give

Fred and Belinda a big hug from me.  Ken, I love and miss you and I am happy to hear that you have a pleasant place to sleep and eat.  Please search out Colonel Richards and introduce yourself.  His son Zachary was in my class and is a super kid.  Hugs,  Momma from Acona, Italy on Costa Cruise--ship name Victoria on its way soon to Athens. XXXXXXX000000000