When it rains, it pours

Post date: Jul 02, 2009 5:51:47 PM

    Indian Guide Spotted Horse Observes.  So far I reported on the good weather and the good food.  The food remains good, the weather changed in a flash.  On Tuesday it rained and and hailed and  thundered and quickly filled the gutters and the ditches with water which roared down the streets and over the curbs.  Several of us had to get to and participate in the CUB (commanders update brief) so not stepping out into the storm was not an option.  Just three steps out of the building and we were all soak & wet.  When I stepped into one side of the street, I was immediately above ankle deep in water.  It was 20" deep by the time I got to the other side.  The poor slob, Chaplains Assistant who came behind me slipped in the mud and fell face first into the roaring wash.  It took two days to get my boots dry.  Not sure if the Chaplain's man has dried out.  Of course, he was wet behind the ears when he arrived off the plane.

     There is a village just out of the gate, a mile down the road.  However the commander has ruled that we must go in groups of three or more and can not venture more than three miles into the town and we can not cross over to the North side of the road.  Additionally, every one must be back on the base by 10PM.  Other rules include not getting into taxis or on to commercial busses.  We were going to get the Sunday after the 4th of July off to travel by military owned bus to visit the hallowed Count Dracula's Castle until the risk assessment yaahoos determined that the military police do not have enough forces and equipment to retrieve us if something goes wrong.  

      Looks like I am in the army now.   bye for now,  love to all.   Ken