Home Repair

33 South Street (outstanding home repairs)

Borough of Madison Building Code Link


Replace damaged cinder blocks

Lead Paint Removal

Replacing bricks in chimney

Install Chimney Liner

Replace Electrical Service Conduit

Install GFCI outlets

Ground un-grounded outlets

Correct reversed polarity in outlets

Relocate bath room light switch

Remove galvanized pipes from plumbing

 Repair garage floor



 Material Cost


$600 for infrared heating device

$46/gallon for RemovAll 320








100ft copper $285

100ft PEX $30

Cork $8/square foot

RecycledGlass $75/square foot


Don’t overlook a flaking concrete cavity block when surveying your home for damage. Most often, these blocks, with a hollow center containing two to three holes, are the construction mainstay of basement walls, home foundations and block fencing.

Extreme temperature shifts and moisture damage can wreak havoc on the concrete. So what should you do when faced with a block or two that’s in need of replacement in an otherwise sound structure?

Depending on the damage, you’ll most likely only need to replace part of the block, usually the face and middle support. With a bag of prepackaged mortar—available at home improvement stores—and some masonry tools, you can repair the damage easily. Just add water to your mortar mix and follow these instructions.

Use a scraper and wear a mask.  Work in well ventilated area.  Look into using Infrared device to break bond between paint and wood or use chemical stripper called RemovALL



I spoke with Madison Electrical Authority and they deferred to our electrician who will go by the latest edition of the NEC.  Madison Electrical Authority states grade 80 PVC is the standard.  We'll want to make sure the conduit meet the requirement for 200Amp service (as we plan to upgrade to 200Amp)





 Replace with PEX