Uncle Richard and his car are movie extras

Post date: Jul 07, 2009 5:28:42 AM

Sun nite July 30 at 10 PM I received a phone call asking if I could bring my Ole


      1947 Plymouth to Tulsa, Ok downtown by 11 AM. They were filming " Killer


      within Me" for six weeks in cities around Oklahoma. The movie stars Casey


      Affleck, Kate Hudson, and Jessica Alba and the setting is western Texas


      and Tulsa was to be Fort Worth. They had 4 blocks rented for the day to shoot


      the scenes they needed. They also needed lots of cars no newer than 1957.


         After wardrobe I was to drive around and around this block for about an hour


      with all the other cars. There were lots of Texas flags up and one sign saying


      Fort Worth Rodio April 27. There were about 150 extras walking and setting


      all around the block. The two Taxi cabs kept picking up and letting people off


      all the time.


         Then they yelled  purple car go the other way around the block, all others follow.


      The same thing for another hour by then many of the old cars were getting to hot


       to run and dropped out.


         Cut time for lunch.         After lunch came my big scene. I was lined up first


       at a red light, they lined up certain cars to my right of the intersection and the


      black limousine with the stars in the back.  Roll em and the cars to my right


      started to move, the limousine crossed in front of me and I pulled in behind it.


      The limousine pulled over in front of the hotel to let the stars out. It did not get


       over to the curb so I had to pull out around them.


         We did this over and over so my car may show up in the movie. Watch for a


      1947 Plymouth Special Delxe, Four door with suicide rear doors. The car's body


       is Raspberry with Silver- Gray fenders.


         I guess that is my 15 minutes of fame,


                                                        Richard Yoesting