Tanner update from Brigitte (morning of 6/24)

Post date: Jun 25, 2009 1:24:36 AM

date:    Wed, Jun 24, 2009 at 12:03 PM

subject:  Tanner Update June 24 morning

I was with Tanner until 1:30am last night....then I slept.  (Paul and Peace were at home) Then I went down to the Neonatal care Center at 7:45am.  

He had already had his hearing test. He passed.  Because he is a premie, he has to repeat the hearing test at 6 months old.   The only test left to pass is the "sit in a car seat for one hour" test.  And he has to EAT more and gain weight.   I just found out that he will NOT go home today as we thought.   (due to simply needing to be able to eat more at one time without getting tired or just not wanting to.)  He doesn't want to eat enough to make him gain weight as it takes a lot of energy to eat.  I was there 7:45am to almost 9am.... and held him, photographed him "tanning" with his sun glasses on, talked to the nurse alot and helped her put a feeding tube up his nose.  Now he's still getting my pumped milk... but it will go straight into his stomach and he won't have to spend so much

energy trying to get it there.   Paul is working until 1pm today.... then he'll come here and we'll just hang out with Tanner as much as possible.  (And Paul will bring up the car seat.)   I'm in my room to pump, eat breakfast and shower... but the nurse is going to call me directly when she sees the doctors arriving to do "rounds", so I can run down there and listen in.


Love, Brigitte