Baby Tanner Update (6/27/2009)

Post date: Jun 28, 2009 4:8:58 AM

( e-mail to momma bear)

Sunday  Tanner will go home.  Today (Saturday) he is "ad-lib" meaning he can do his own schedule so we all can see how he will do things at home.  He may eat 1 oz. at 9am and then 1.5 oz. and 11:30 am and not have exactly three hours between feedings and not have exactly the same amount each time.... because that is how it will be at home....  

They may re-do his hearing test since photo-light-theraphy can effect hearing. He passed the hearing test on June 24th, but he had "tanning lights" after that date.

Uncle Fred and Aunt Belinda made it to East Hanover just fine.  They were at a diner with JDY and Erika when I called quickly earlier today.  Enjoy your cruise.

Love, Brigitte