Bonnaroo 2010

First timers survival guide - Check out this page and this blog.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Festival forum - There is also a web forum at with lots of good information.  Check it out here.

Building an equipment check list.  Use the form below to enter the gear you'll be contributing to this summer's epic adventure.  After you use the form to submit something it might take a few minutes to show up in the list (and you'll need to refresh your browser to see the information added to the list.)  Here is a direct link to the list that is setup to allow anyone to edit.  Even though it is setup for public editing it still seems to prompt for a login if you want to make changes.  If you have a google account go a head and see if you can make edits to the list directly.  Otherwise just add your gear using the form below.  You can make several back to back entries and they'll eventually show up on the list after waiting 2 or 3 minutes and refreshing your browser.

Bonnaroo Equipment List